To submit a game to the site contact Elias via PM through the “Institution of Game Design” Slack or use the form below to submit your game. You can either submit a WebGL build or a PC (and/or Mac) build of your game. 

In case you want to submit a WebGL build please submit either:

  • A WebGL build with 960x630px resolutiona and the “minimal” template (Unity)


  • A WebGL build with 1920x1080px resolution and the “default” template (Unity). This will open in a new tab and requires you to submit a picture that will link to the game (a thumbnail, screenshot, logo, etc.)
Please center your unity player in the index.html file in your build (see picture)
  • Please add gameplay instructions (controls, win/lose condition) to your submission.
  • Always add your team name and the names of your team members to the submission.
  • If you submit a PC/Mac build, please include screenshots, thumbnails, or logos to your submission.

Submission Form